Refund and Return Policy - Vussov

This cancellation/refund policy has been written in simple language to address users directly.
We have adopted the principle of being clear to the user and expressing ourselves in the most accurate way.

The buyer has the right to cancel while the service is still under preparation, after ordering and paying for the service.

(This should be done within 5 days at most after the order is confirmed. Cancellation/refund requests made after 5 days are not accepted. )
However, if the buyer decides to cancel, 20% of the fee paid will be deducted and the money will be refunded.
A great team works in the background for your orders.

Since the services offered on Vussov.Com are personal/company specific and cannot be sold, arranged or used in any other way, it is not possible to return them.
If you think that the delivered service is defective, you are free to apply to the legal authorities.

If the buyer is not satisfied after receiving the service, he has the right to make unlimited revisions. Satisfying our customers under all circumstances is our first priority. In some cases, we have the right to refuse revision. These situations are;

– Buyer’s request for extra features not included in the documentation.
– Buyer’s complete violation of the documentation.

Anyone who decides to purchase services from Vussov.Com is deemed to have accepted this policy.

Vussov Software Graphic Web Trade Limited is registered in the UK under the number 14297303.
If you want to send us a cancellation request, you can reach us from the contact information on our website.